Tips for Chemistry Students

1. Fundamental reactions

Organic reactions would be a lot easier to understand if the student knows fundamental chemical processes like oxidation, hydrolysis, reduction etc. as they play a major role in many reactions.

2. Periodic Table

Being aware of the periodic table especially the characteristics of various elements belonging to various periods (horizontal rows) and groups (vertical columns) is very helpful in studying different chemical phenomena. It also helps us identify transition elements, metals, non-metals etc. based on their atomic numbers.

3. Know about electrons

Electrons play an inevitable role in the comprehension of chemical reactions. Facts like number of unpaired electrons, number of electrons in the valence shell help us predict a reaction. They also help us know more about the type of bonding, magnetic properties etc.

4. Don’t depend on calculators

It will be favorable for students if they know how to calculate the logarithmic values so that he/she need not struggle when there is no calculator. Knowing the values of some frequently used constants (E.g. Avogadro’s number, Planck’s constant), masses of molecules is also helpful.

5. Have a scientific log book

It is always beneficial to have a scientific log book containing log tables, antilog tables, spectral data, masses of various elements in the periodic table, isotopes, values of various constants etc. as a chemistry student may require these data anytime.

6. Befriend Physics and Mathematics

A chemistry student needs to understand the fundamentals of subjects such as Mathematics and Physics in order to study Advanced Chemistry. Physics and Mathematics are inevitable while studying fields like Spectroscopy, Crystallography etc.

7. Write, Write, Write

The best way to study reactions is to write them. After understanding a reaction, try to sketch the reaction in a paper. Writing improvises the student's understanding of the subject and enhances the student's analytical skills. It also helps the student to remember the structure of various molecules.


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