Things I Learned About Writing for Online College Courses

Entering an online course is usually for those with busy schedules who need the flexibility of completing a course on one’s own schedule. The most difficult thing most people don’t usually think about when doing so is how this will be different from a classroom setting. As I began taking courses online I realized it was more difficult to write essays than in a classroom setting. These three main things became apparent to me:

1.   It is hard to determine the style of writing the professor is looking for.

2.   You cannot speak directly to the professor, it is all dependent on how fast the professor can respond to an email.

3.   The ability to turn in a rough draft and have it returned in a timely manner can be very difficult, even nearly impossible.

In order to write an “A” paper these were my solutions:

1.   I studied the way the professor wrote his or her posts. One can learn a lot about what that person is like by not just looking at the content of their instructions and posts but how they write it.

2.   Make sure to give oneself enough time with assignments that if there are any questions they an answer can be received before an assignment is due. It may seem a simple task but many people get busy with life and assignment due dates tend to creep up. Make sure the biggest, most important assignments are planned well in advance.

3.   A rough draft is a must in my opinion, even if it is not asked for or required. Asking the professor at the beginning, if no rough draft is required, if it is alright to send them a rough draft to be proofed has proved beneficial. If the professor says no, make sure to have 2-3 other people besides oneself look it over before submitting.

Overall the biggest and seemingly simplest solution, is to not put off the work. It can be easy to procrastinate when life becomes busy, since the schedule of online courses is somewhat flexible, but it can be one’s downfall. I encourage everyone to continue their education no matter their age or place in life, but always remember to prioritize and to under no circumstances procrastinate!

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