The Secret to Writing a Great Essay

In college many professors will require you to write an essay from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to write a synthesis, persuasive, narrative, or argumentative essay. When writing your essay you need a strong introduction, three to five supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion or summary of your findings. 

Synthesis Essay

The synthesis essay uses two different references and combines the main points into a cohesive paper. During your research it is important to be objective. Look for the relationships between the authors’ viewpoints. Afterwards, create a thesis based on the different relationship you have found. Then write your essay to support your thesis.

  1. Give solid examples.
  2. Compare the viewpoints and contrast.
  3. Create a solid argument with examples.
  4. Write the essay using block-by-block or point-by-point methods.

Persuasive Essay 

A persuasive essay needs to convince your readers to take an action or agree with your view-point. Tightly craft your arguments and supply supporting research to prove your points. Therefore, a persuasive essay has to persuade your reader to do something. Before writing your essay:

  1. Determine your position and find resources to support this position.
  2. Consider all posing views and anticipate your reader’s arguments.
  3. Write your essay pointing towards a strong conclusion.
  4. Persuade your reader to agree with your viewpoint or take a specific action.
  5. End the essay with a strong conclusion. The conclusion should enforce your view and make your readers remember your views.

Narrative Essay 

When you write a narrative essay, remember you are telling a story. This type of essay has more freedom so you can develop your essay. Just keep in mind:

  1. The essay has to include an introduction, setting, characters, plot, climax and a conclusion.
  2. Always give a point to your essay.
  3. Select a solid point of view for your essay.
  4. Entice or evoke your reader through emotions.

Argumentative Essay 

An argumentative essay is the most difficult of all essays to write. This type of essay requires you to research material that has been published. Furthermore, you need to collect research information to help you learn more about the topic. Therefore, before you write your essay:

  1. Find data that uses several research methods.
  2. You will need to observe your subjects.
  3. You can conduct surveys.
  4. Interview a few people.
  5. Conduct experiments on your topic.



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