Task list: An Essential and Easy Way to Manage Your Time

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to complete all your work tasks? It can be overwhelming when you have large projects and do not feel that you have done much in one day. To resolve this issue, it is highly important to create a list of tasks you plan to work on daily and revisit them. Your list can be done on MS Word and should be created at the beginning of your workday. You might not get to complete all your items on your list in one day and therefore those items can be copied and pasted for the next day’s list of activities. You should create a list and find a way to label your list with priority levels. For example, labeling an item with an A for high priority and B or C for lower priorities will help remind you of what needs to be completed first. If your tasks include large projects, perhaps creating weekly tasks are more beneficial for you.

As you complete an item, you should return to your list, strikethrough items, and move down through your list of hierarchy. If you do not have time to do so during your workday, be sure to return to it at the end of your day and do so.

Some tasks on your list will not be completed for weeks or months depending on the task at hand, but it is important to jot them down as you can add sub-items to the tasks and strikethrough those items. This will help you feel accomplished as you are working toward a larger task or goal.  Sometimes you might find that you needed to do more work to complete one item.  Feel free to add those sub-items to your original list as well!  This will help to show how productive you were in one day. 

Many times your boss or co-workers may ask you to complete some tasks throughout the day and having a list already created will help to simply add those items to your list. This will help you remember all the extra tasks you need to complete.

Creating a work list only takes a few minutes of your day and will definitely be worth your time as your work load will seem less overwhelming and you can be more focused on completing your tasks.

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