Student Teaching Professors Should Model Appropriate Behavior, Too

There are many requirements placed on student teachers. A student teacher should be punctual, dress professionally, ask questions, work hard and most of all be a good role model for students. Not just a role model as in someone who has good morals but also a model as in someone who gets work done on time. It is important for a student teacher to model responsible classroom behavior. That being said, it is just as important for the student teacher's advising professor to model the same skills.

Student teachers' course work is due on specific days. It is imperative that the student teacher turn work in on time or points will be docked for each day an assignment is late. It is just as important for the student teacher's professor to get grades turned in on time.

Most colleges give the professor seven days to post grades. For example, if the assignment is due Wednesday, the professor has until the following Wednesday to post the grade. Most professors post grades the following Monday so that students are able to see what areas require improvement. Then there are those professors who don’t even post grades when they are due.

Not posting grades when due is modeling poor behavior. The professor is showing the student that it is not important that grades are in on time. The behavior is not modeling the proper behavior for the student teacher.

Student teaching is a difficult time; it is stressful because the student teacher puts in 40 hours a week for no pay. Then the student is required to complete course work, too. It is not easy to juggle it all and get assignments in on time. It is very discouraging when you have a professor who does not model the behavior that you the student is supposed to model.

The student teacher’s professor should also model good participation. The students are expected to participate in the classroom. In an online classroom the discussions are the way people participate. A professor who drops by once a week is not providing feedback nor is he or she participating. Student teachers need a lot of guidance and the professor is supposed to be guiding. Student teachers' professors should model the same behavior that their student teachers are supposed to model. 


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