Now these 8th Graders Blend History & Technology With Flair!

Finding your physics classes boring? Have the regular class-visits to the local museum become mundane?

Every school today realizes that, the answers from students to the above mentioned questions and many others like this in the Smartphone frenzy classrooms of today should ideally be perceived as a Big ‘YES’.

It has now become alarmingly important for schools to re-invent itself at a faster pace to ensure that they can keep up with changing times and also are able catch the fancy of each student who is part of the institution.

Trying to beat these odds is one enterprising school in Pulaski County Special School District which has found great success in its in-house program called EAST.

EAST was launched by the school with an aim to engage students in unique learning environment where they themselves are the owner of projects they choose to develop for the benefit the community as a whole.

One such project which has found wide appreciation is the “QR coding” for the Arkansas Art Museum artifacts by two young ladies from 8th Grade of the school.

Visitors now pick up the brochures as they visit the museum, scan the code with their Smartphone and are instantly able to read about the work and artists at each point they visit.

Now no more craning of the neck, bending of back or adjusting of the lenses is required to read the information at each booth. Visitors simply scan the bar-codes organized on the brochure and read through the information at the convenience of their phone.

The project was perceived and developed in over month and then installed for the convenience of all the art and history-seekers visiting the museum.

"This class is to help reach out to the community and make things better for the community!" exclaimed 8th Grader Lauren Camps who is one of the two girls behind this project.

This kind of involvement meant that students take more interest in the areas of their projects and lead to better development, learning with greater passion.

Replication of such initiatives and introduction of more innovative ideas for securing student’s prolonged attention to quality learning is the need of the hour in every school today.

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