Make Sure the Online College You Plan to Attend is Accredited Before Enrolling in a Teacher Education Program

College and university accreditation is the recognition of an institution that is respectable for maintain high standards. It is a college or university that has been approved by official boards for meeting specific requirements. A degree from a college that is not accredited might not be honored by many professions. Not all colleges or universities offer online courses for teacher education, it is important for a student to make sure the college that they plan to attend has accreditation in their state for education.  Not all colleges have accreditation, and some that are accredited in one state might not be in another. There are also colleges and universities that are accredited for certain areas of the country such as the Western Slope, or the Eastern states.

The first step in finding out if a college is accredited in education in your area is to browse their website. Every legitimate institution should have a website that offers a lot of important information, including information regarding accreditation.

Next, call the college or university and ask them if they are a teacher education accredited college in the state you wish to teach. The college you plan to attend might have accreditation but not in your area. They must have accreditation in your state before the school board will accept your degree.

Do not stop there and take their word for it though, it is important to call the department of education in the state where you plan to teach and confirm that the college or university you plan to attend has accreditation in your area.

Once you have determined that the school you plan to attend has accreditation in your area get it in writing.  Have the school send you a letter with their accreditation credentials. Get the state department of education where you plan to teach to send documentation that they recognize the institution you will be attending as an accredited school.  This should be done before you begin classes because some institutions that offer online degrees have lost their accreditation during the course of a degeewhich could leave you, the student with a useless degree.

A college that is accredited shows that it has met the high standards expected by different professions.  Online colleges and universities must also follow the standards of accreditation and it is important for each student to  make sure the institution they plan to attend is accredited and the degree that they work hard to earn is accepted in the profession they wish to enter.




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