Is Online College For You or Is Campus Your Fit?

If you are a working parent or just individual who works and cannot leave your job to attend college yet want to attain a college degree, online college is for you.  Many people could not go to college to get a degree before online college was available. It has opened so many doors for people whom those doors were closed for years. There are questions that you should ask before considering online school.

Online college is not easy. It is not a free ride or a ticket to a degree. It requires a lot of dedication and work to succeed in online college. At times it would be much easier to attend a ground campus however for those who are not able to attend, online is the answer. If you are dedicated and just can’t’ make it to college each day, online is for you.

In a campus class students listen to the professor as he or she gives a lecture. After the lecture students are able to discuss the content as a group and ask the professor questions. In the online environment students read the lecture and answer discussion questions that are asked of them in an online forum. Students discuss the responses and content with each other and the professor.  Students who need more interaction with others, kinesthetic and auditory learners would do better in a campus environment. Those who are visual and kinesthetic learners will do find in an online environment.

In some instances being in a live discussion would be easier. Questions could be answered immediately and visual aids along with body language many times help communication. There are times when it takes a while to figure out what the content of messages means in online discussion. If you can benefit from an online discussion board then online will work for you.

Online college is flexible. You can work at night and pick the hours that you need to devote to college. However sometimes people who are not self-disciplined don’t devote the time to college and need someone to help guide them. Online college is not for people who lack self-discipline.

One of the best perks of online college is being able to go to school in your Pajamas and not have to leave the house. It is great to wake up and just dig into school without worrying about getting ready to go. Some people though need to have the place to go and need to be dressed before they are able to focus on the work they need to do. Online is for you if you like to sleep in or can function best in your comfortable home environment.

So, is online or campus college for you?  Be sure to consider everything that goes into each program and pick the one that fits best into your lifestyle so that you will succeed.




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