How to Prepare for a College Interview

The college application process can be exhausting for students. The applications are sent and you still have tons of things to think about. The college interview is one of those things. This is your opportunity to stand out and let the admissions counselors to get to know real you. The college interview plays a major role when your admission is considered. That being said, follow these tips to avoid common interview mistakes and improve your chances to get admitted into your dream college by impressing an admission counselor.

Avoid learning your answers by heart

Doing a little research is a great way to prepare for an upcoming interview, but canned answers are frowned upon. Students assume that admissions counselor have only scary questions and they usually memorize their answers instead of preparing for a conversation, which will be focused on discussion on you and your goals. Do your best to be yourself.

Ask relevant questions

A college interview is your opportunity to learn more about the college you are applying to. However, you should not ask basic questions because it is implied that you have done your research regarding the majors you have, the size of college, etc. Show that you are interested in the school by asking questions about the college opportunities outside of academics and other things you cannot find in the brochure.

Turn your cell off

Leaving your cell phone on during the interview can give you a bad reputation. First impressions are important, so you want to present yourself as a responsible and focused person. Therefore, switch it off or hand it to your parents.

Leave your parents in the waiting room

If you bring your parents into the interview room, you will show your lack of independence. You imply that you are not ready for college life and the freedom it provides. Instead, ask your parents to sit in the waiting room during your interview. They can talk to an admissions counselor after the interview if they have any questions.

Be confident

The goal of college interview is to let the interviewer get to know you. Therefore, avoid one-word answers or sharing too much irrelevant information. Elaborate your answers and give the interviewer what he or she wants. It is important to be yourself and show you are comfortable when talking about yourself.

Be enthusiastic

Even if the college you are applying for is not your first choice, make sure you show enthusiasm and excitement when talking with the interviewer. Put a smile on your face and keep the discussion going and you may find out some new fantastic features of the school that may turn out to be the perfect fit for you. Show your interest in the unique qualities of this college.

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