Helpful Study Practices For the College Learner

Studying is an important concept in education. It is important to know how to study to be a successful learner.

1.  Notes are an important part of studying. It is important to take notes quickly but yet neatly so that they are easy to read. Notes are most beneficial if they are consistent. If you write the notes without paraphrasing, write all notes this way. If you paraphrase as you write, paraphrase all of the notes. This way you don’t wonder which portion is paraphrased and which is not. It is consistent and less confusing.

2.  If the book you are reading belongs to you, highlight important information instead of underlining it because it is not always easy to draw even lines and sometimes you might cover up important text.

3.  The mapping method is an excellent way to organized notes. The mapping method

requires the key words and phrases to be organized in a manner that is effective because little thinking is needed to comprehend Mapping Method notes. Notes should be easy to follow when you refer to them.            

4.   Study the lecture notes if you are in an online education environment, if you are at a ground campus and in the classroom listen to the lecture and pay close attention to class discussion before you begin reading course material to get a better understanding of the content

5.   A fun way to help memory retention is to write important information or key words on flash cards to mix things up.

6.   The best way to learn about something is to find a way to connect it to your personal

life.  When you cannot find any common ground between your life and  the subject matter you are studying, practices such as  “Definition,’ work best to gain a better understanding of the material that  does not have a personal connection with your life.

7.   Review your notes from previous days and review the lecture notes and other writings to verify the accuracy of your notes.

8.   When you find your mind wandering while studying, use the Chart Method of studying. Categorize information so that your mind has to stay focused and you can comprehend what you are doing.

9.    Sometimes all of the things you have to do bog you down while studying, make sure to write out your “to do” list before studying so that it is one less thing that might be a distraction.

10.  Never study in  a noisy environment. Always make sure that it is quiet when you study so that your mind stays focused on the content you are studying.

11.  Do not try to multi task while studying. Set time aside specifically for studying. Either leave other chores for later or complete them before studying to avoid distraction.

12.  Do not answer the phone while studying. Let people know you are studying and tell them not to call unless it is an emergency.

13.  Make sure to set aside some down time so that you do not get burnt out on studying.


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