Following your Passion during 20’s - coping up

This is the age at which you may complete your formal education, pursue higher studies or decide to take up a full time job. Deciding between these may not be an easy task. A thought that might add to it would be there if you have passion for a particular profession.

You may be puzzled whether you really need to follow them or just leave them here at this point of life. Some of them might not sound realistic and you may be made the fun topic of the town if you said it to others.

1. Stop quitting

Let the confusion take place at its own pace, but never let it take over practicing your passion. For instance, if you love Photography try to take photos every day. I am not saying shoot 500 photos a day. What I am talking is about the quality and not quantity. If you start practicing it 24/7 your skills improve.  It will help you get above, when it comes to talent hunt in your field.

2. Be Happy to do

It is your passion and you felt happy when you do it. So stop thinking about your confusions or frustrations over life while doing it (i.e. live the moment). Don’t let yourself distracted. If you can, allot a specific minimum time interval for your passion and devote that time to yourself and your craving. Remember, this is just a minimum time limit and the maximum time can go unleashed as long as you wish.

3. Profession different from passion; Don't worry

The situation is: You are working in a different industry or you have to work in a different industry to support yourself and survive. It’s not equivalent to giving up your passion (a.k.a. quitting). For example, you have learnt playing Piano and wish to buy your very own instrument, it may not come out of thin air. You have to earn and that earning will help you get towards your passion.


* Image Courtesy Theodore Roosevelt Believe you can and you're halfway there by BK licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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