Easy Time Management Techniques For Students

Students nowadays feel like they do not have time to get their work and projects done. They feel they have many obligations that are completing each other, such as study, work, family, friends… etc. many students fall under the pressure of having many responsibilities and not being able to do things as it should be. They are some students who even drop out of school, because they become overwhelmed with all these obligations and then choose to sacrifice their studies for the sake of doing and taking care of other things. All this trouble can be avoided if students follow simple time management techniques so as to manage their work and not let it manage them.

Time management is the way you regulate your time. It is an important skill to learn, because it can serve you to fully manage the various responsibilities you have in life. Time management is a skill to build and develop and it can be applied by following certain tips for managing time:

·         Define your priorities: try to prepare a list of the activities you need to do during your week. Classify them according to their importance; start with the most important to the less important. In case your list is very long, include another list of the tasks that can wait. It is a good idea if you can reward yourself for the things you accomplished.

·         Timing the activities: setting a time limit of your work and activities is very crucial. Try to specify how long each task will take and how much energy.

·         Organization: the more organized you are, the better you can succeed in applying time management skills. For instance, when it comes to school, try to make an assignment calendar where you can write all your assignments or exams for the week/month. This calendar can also be effective to list other activities or tasks. Try also to have an organized room or workplace.

·         Be flexible: expect the unexpected (sickness, family problems, money trouble, etc.), so you need to know how to fit it into your schedule. Adjust your schedule when necessary. Flexibility also means to leave some free time for your leisure time activities, sports and relaxation.

Time management skills are very important to learn and implement in order to have control over everything in your life, to be happier and less stressed.


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