Activate your dreams the Ashton Kutcher Way!

Staring blankly out of my classroom window today morning, I could hardly imagine anything that could make the boring lecture come alive. My repeated efforts to stay awake and stay attentive was being brutally mauled down with each passing second into this lecture on Native American History.

A tweet from Frank finally buzzed in some missing zing into my mundane life as his tweet suddenly became the center of my universe since it contained one name; “Ashton Kutcher”

His tweet took me straight to Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. And I could no longer hold back myself in sharing some of the tips from his words which inspired me enough to activate my dreams and see life as it is and my class in a new light altogether.

       “I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work”

Feeling stuck in a boring class like me? It’s probably because you consider yourself to be above all that’s happening in the class and simply wasting time.

In his speech Kutcher lets everyone know how he never considered any job in his life better than him and he always considered every job that he was offered as an opportunity to work harder. Whether he was washing dishes at a restaurant or sweeping the ground, he always gave them equal importance.

The lesson I took back from his speech was to start using my time being spent efficiently. I started paying attention to the class and if it was impossible I simply started using the time for more constructive work like reading my favorite subjects, writing pending assignments etc rather than wasting it away with my admiration for nature’s beauty outside the window.

Tip: Don’t waste your time and don’t get caught completing your alternative assignments.

       "The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being generous."

According to Ashton the second secret to success is all about being sexy and being sexy is about being smart, thoughtful and generous. Wasting my time wasn't exactly a smart choice to make.

So I decided to change the way I approach my class from today forward. I am determined to ensure that all my assignments will be submitted on time, I will put greater focus to my weekly tests, will first complete my homework and then move on to other fun activities.

I will also try being more thoughtful and generous towards all my classmates and friends and would also work as a team with them to share ideas and knowledge to enhance our capability as a group.

       “Build a life. Don't live one, build one.”

Ashton here is trying to re-iterate what many Yodas has been preaching for ages. He tells us to emulate the thought process of Steve Jobs to do something meaningful and constructive with our life rather than just stare of the window during a boring class.

He tells us that we have the ability to control the direction in which our life moves and it’s up to us to drive it down the right path. It may be remembered that Steve Job’s philosophy still drives the innovation focused Apple.

So think outside the box, think different, and take it up as a challenge to make any torturous class worthwhile. And then emulate this for all life’s situations as well.

I hope just like Barney Stinson taught us how to score in exams and Tomatoes taught us Time Management, Ashton’s mantras too would enhance our life and career for the better.

Do leave a comment for everyone to read and let us know by example how you changed your life with these mantras for all to emulate.

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