3 Gadget-free holiday time killers for kids

You might have been tired of the tight scheduled school/college days. You would have wanted to do a lot of things which couldn't be done because of lack of time. You may have been longing for the holidays. But sometimes things may not go as expected. Sometimes holidays can be irritating as you find nothing to do.

How to beat boredom during such days without the help of Computers and Television? There were some ways to manage time efficiently during holidays even before the viral use of modern day gadgets.

Here are 3 ways you could spend your time usefully during holidays:


Crafts generally refer to hand made things. Crafts can be made using paper, plastics, wood, straw, etc. There are many specialized methods for making crafts. For example Origami refers to the Japanese art of folding paper into various decorative shapes. The additional benefit is that you can start making money from making things, once you have mastered the skill.


All of us may not be good artists. But we have to remember the saying 'Practice makes perfect'. Everyone need not become a Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso. It is said that any art form helps in relieving stress and makes the mind stay fresh. Drawing and painting also lift off our imagination limits and boost creativity. There must be a reason for drawing and colouring being an important part of elementary school curriculum apart from imparting drawing skills.


At some point in your life, you might have come across the feeling that you have to change something in this world. You might have felt the urge to take part in a cause. There may be some organizations which work towards such a cause. Spend some time there volunteering. It may be an animal welfare organization, an environmental awareness group, a health organization or whatever cause you feel that needs attention. Even though most of them are not financially beneficial opportunities, you will get a sense of satisfaction and happiness from the work you do.

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